Reach an audience outside the school

Our publishing platform is built like a network of school sites and municipal sites. It gives the student the choice to publish on one or more of these platforms. In this way, we want to offer  young people throughout the country an opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions and open up for contacts and exchanges with people outside their own circles.

Mobile Stories media platform is also a channel between young people and the adult world. Here, not only friends, relatives and parents can read, view and listen to the material, but also those who make decisions concerning young people’s everyday lives. In times when society is changing rapidly, there is also great value in learning about young people’s experiences, problem formulations and solutions. Their voices can give society knowledge about how the future will be shaped.

The tool and platform can also be used in different types of projects or workshops where young people are involved, for example in libraries or associations. It is possible to publish an RSS feed of with the latest student articles on another website, for example in a block or column.

The students think it’s fun that the articles are so nice in the preview and when they are published. With the professional layout, it is more fun to showcase their own work.

Johan Sköld

Swedish teacher, Forshagaakademin

“It feels fantastic to be able to show my thoughts and what I think and feel about things.”


Student, Grillska gymnasiet, Örebro