Navigation course in digital source criticism

Today, it is more difficult than ever to navigate the digital media landscape. It has become particularly clear during the current pandemic that access to accurate information and the ability to find it has become an issue that can actually be about life or death.

The Swedish Schools Inspectorate saw in its review of schools’ teaching of media and information literacy in 2018 that schools need to update their teaching in this area. In an ever-changing media landscape, this can be difficult and many teachers therefore call for support. In the online course “Navigation course in digital media and information literacy”, teachers in all subjects gain the knowledge required to strengthen students’ ability to find the right one – and to take their place as responsible communicators online.

The course is a collaboration between the media and education company Mobile Stories, Svenska Dagbladet and Google.org and is aimed at teachers in middle school and up to high school, but also in adult education. After completing the course with a passing grade, participants receive the certificate “Navigation certificate in digital source criticism”, which can be shared on social media. If 90 percent of the teachers at the school take the course and are approved, the school will receive a certificate to display on its own website.

 For many schools, the pandemic has resulted in canceled educational opportunities, and this may be the case for quite some time to come. With this course, teachers can develop in an area that is very important and urgent. In our course, the lecturers – some of Sweden’s best experts in digital competence and source criticism – are included digitally instead. The course can be done individually or in groups and the participant can pause and continue later. (Time required: 2-3 hours)


The course addresses all parts of media and information literacy, based on the new, digital media landscape:

* Understanding the role and functions of media in democratic societies

* Finding, analyzing and critically assessing information

* Expressing yourself and creating content in different kinds of media

Among the experts who share their knowledge in the course are Ola Sigvardsson, Media ethics council, Martin Ahlquist, editorial director at Svenska Dagbladet, Catharina Ekdahl, senior copyright lawyer at the Patent and Registration Office, and school librarian Magdalena Ivarsson, School Library of the Year 2019 + 2020 and Irene Christensson, analyst at MSB. For teachers who participate in the project “Empower young people with MIL”, the course is free. For other schools, the cost of the course is SEK 3,500 plus VAT. All staff at the unit will then have access to the course. Maximum size of school per course, 600 students.

“The Mobile Stories course should be mandatory for all teachers.”

Linda Larsson

Teacher, Grillska gymnasium

“The course was well structured, it was very easy to read – not too much text, but a good variety of images, videos and audio. I always wanted to continue to read. I also thought it was fun with different experts who shared their expertise and asked questions to the participant.

Helena Klouda

Teacher, Strömstad gymnasium