Young people from four different Mobile Stories schools in the country interview politicians on the ground in the Riksdag. Photo: Lotta Bergseth

Ongoing projects

Mobile Stories tools are a way to engage students, give them a recipient for their work and space in the public debate. We currently have two ongoing projects that are about commitment and spreading knowledge.

1.Empowering young people with MIK is about reaching out with our tool in schools where we believe we are most needed. The project, funded by will reach young people in sparsely populated areas, suburbs of major cities and vocational high schools.

2.In the Young Voices for Tolerance campaign, students working on Mobile Stories publishing tools will spread knowledge about the Holocaust, about anti-Semitism, and about other forms of intolerance. The aim is to highlight young people’s experiences, reflections and lessons learned in connection with the International Forum for holocaust remembrance and anti-Semitism invited by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in October 2021.