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Martin Aagård, reporter at Aftonbladet.
Martin, has in the podcast series “The Biggest Conspiracy” examined the conspiracy theories that spread during the pandemic, where anti-Semitism is a recurring theme.

Aftonbladet Story: Part 3. “The pandemic is a hoax” in Apple Podcasts
Content: Reports on those who believe the pandemic is a hoax created by “globalists” who want to impose a total world dictatorship. An idea that leans towards the very oldest conspiracy theory in world history – the anti-Semitic one.
Aftonbladet Story: Part 2.
Life in the Facebook sect in Apple Podcasts
Content: Common to all conspiracy theories is the hatred of the media. Conspiracy theorists make it a point to claim that news media are lying and preventing us from knowing what is really going on in this world. But what’s going on in the social media that conspiracy theorists turn to instead? Also: How to talk to a relative who believes in conspiracy theories and Fake News?

Mina Dennert, #jagärhär and I Am Here International
Mina have founded the Swedish association #jagärhär and the international organization I Am Here International.

Read more about the movement #jagärhär:
Read more about Mina here:

Daniel Poohl, CEO of the Expo Foundation and editor-in-chief of Expo
magazine Daniel Poohl is an expert on and has written books about far-right movements.
Read more about Daniel Poohl and his areas of expertise on Expo’s website:

Helena Trus, journalist at Expressen. Author of the book One Kilogram of Sugar

Read the interview that Mobile Stories student Alice Nylander published in connection with Helena Tru’s book release 2019: One day we will have to leave Sweden

Contact: or 0735747741

Sanna Sjöswärd, author and photographer
Sanna Sjöswärd is an award-winning photographer and author. In her latest project Fading Stories, previously shown at Fotografiska in Stockholm, she has interviewed and photographed the last survivors of the Holocaust. The work led to the book “Hate against the Jews”, which she made together with Dagens Nyheter’s Culture Director Björn Wiman.

Read about the project Fading Stories: Fading Stories is shown in Västerås Cathedral
Contact for a login to a TEDX event where Sanna tells about the work with Fading Stories
Read the book “Hate against the Jews”, by Sanna Sjöswärd and Björn Wiman. Schools participating in the Mobile Stories promotion get a discount! Enter “Young Voices for Tolerance” at checkout on

Contact: Contact is made through Jenny Sköld at Mobile Stories. Email

Victoria Escobar, social entrepreneur, Changers Hub
Victoria has been nominated for the Raoul Wallenberg Prize 2021 for her work to ensure that all young people, regardless of background, have the same opportunity to realize their ideas and achieve success.In 2021, she was elected as a new board member of the National Sports Board and sisu’s federal board.

About the nominations:—en-av-de-fem-nominerade-till-raoul-wallenbergpriset,c3353619

Changers Hub:


Annika Rabo, Professor of Social Anthropology at Stockholm University. Annika can tell you who believes in conspiracy theories and why. She is an expert on how conspiracy theories spread in Syria.
Contact details: Annika Rabo – Department of Social Anthropology

Thomas Kanger, journalist and author.
Thomas Kanger has reviewed Vipeholmsanstalten in several reports on Kalla Fakta. He is now finalising a book about the prison where “sinness” was subjected to cruel experiments and starved to death by doctors influenced by the spirit of time in the 1930s.





Klas Borell, Professor of Sociology and Social Work at Jönköping School of Health.

Klas can be interviewed about anti-Semitism in the anti-vaccination movement. He also researches the spread of prejudice against Muslims and anti-Muslim hate crimes in Sweden and Europe.

Debate article in Sydsvenskan 21-05-02: “Anti-Semitic ideas seem to have an impact in the motley anti-vaccination movement.”

Klas Borell’s website on Islamophobia and hate crime: Islamophobia and hate crimes

Adina Broström
Adina is the granddaughter of survivors and a member of the Zikaron association.

Authors available for student interviews:
The following of Norstedt’s authors are available for interviews with students. For contact with authors contact Lina Sjögren at Norstedts, at

Julie Lindahl Pendulum
Snezana Bozinovska What Your Eyes Saw
Arkan Asaad Starless Nights, Blood Redder Than Red, Beyond the Sun Rays
Fatemeh Khavari I Stay to the End
Elin Anna Labba Gentlemen Put Us Here
Elaf Ali Who Said Anything About Love


Digital testimonials

Swedish Committee against Anti-Semitism, SKMA: Eternal Echoes: Home

Living History Forum: Testimonials with classroom exercises you can search for in the “Movie Room”, Testimonials, Holocaust Survivors, Read and Listen.

Jewish Congregation in Gothenburg, EDUT: Testimonials in film and sound.

Fading stories – pass them on. Survivors’ personal testimonies portrayed by photographer and author Sanna Sjöswärd.

Book testimonials with survivors, their children and grandchildren

Zikaron lectures on the Holocaust from Jewish youths in their 18-30s.

Edut – Holocaust testimonies – personal testimonies from first, second and third generation survivors

Holocaust Survivors Association in Sweden

Holocaust Survivors’ Group The Jewish community in Malmö’s storytelling group is aimed at schools in Malmö and the surrounding area.

Forum for Living History: Organizations and institutions working with testimonials in Sweden 


Conspiracy theories

SR 2021-03-20: Conspiracy pandemic March 20 at 9:03 a.m. – Conflict

SR 2021-04-06: Pandemic – nutritious bustle for conspiracy theories – Science Radio News

SR 2021-04-06: Conspiracy thinking took hold of his partner – Science Radio In depth

Aftonbladet Story, Podcast 21-01-19 The biggest conspiracy | Part 1 | How yoga mums became Trump foot soldiers

Aftonbladet Story, Podcast 21-02-12: The biggest conspiracy | Part 2.| Life in the Facebook sect of Apple Podcasts
Common to all conspiracy theories is the hatred of the media. The media is lying and preventing us from knowing what is really going on in this world. But what’s going on in the social media that conspiracy theorists turn to instead? Also: How to talk to a relative who believes in conspiracy theories and Fake News?

Aftonbladet Story, Podcast 21-03-03 The biggest conspiracy| Part 3.| “The pandemic is
a hoax” in apple podcasts
Reportage about those who believe that the pandemic is a scam created by “globalists” who want to introduce a total world dictatorship. An idea that leans towards the very oldest conspiracy theory in world history – the anti-Semitic one.

SvD 2021-05-18 (paywall): Conspiracy theorists a “security risk” in Europe

SvD 2021-03-08 (paywall): Expert: Signs of crisis that conspiracies are spreading,

SvD 2019-02-28 (paywall): Harrison’s story: Why conspiracy theories are believed


Sveriges Radio 31-03-21: Threats and molestations most commonly reported Islamophobic hate crimes – News (Ekot)


DN, News article 21-05-21(paywall): Twelve-year-old Jewish girl attacked when swells from Israel and Palestine reach Malmö – DN.SE

DN, Leader 15-03-21: Sweden continues to let Malmö’s Jews down – DN.SE

Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Debate 16-02-20: “We find it difficult to reach out to schools in the Malmö region with lectures on the Holocaust”

Expo, News article: Smaller Jewish congregations particularly vulnerable to hate

Sweden’s history and responsibility

Podcast peak 2021-05: 32. Ingvar Kamprad’s fascist friend Per Engdahl – with Urban Lindstedt

P3 Documentary 2021-05-09: Forced sterilizations and lobotomy 9 May at 19.03 – P3 Documentary


Conspiracy theories and Covid-19

Study from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB, by Andreas Önnerfors, Professor of History of Ideas (2021-04): Conspiracy Theories and COVID-19: the mechanisms behind a fast-growing societal challenge


Report authored by Mirjam Katzin, as part of the

cooperation agreement between the City of Malmö and the Jewish Community of Malmö (2021-02-18):

Schoolyard racism, conspiracy theories and exclusion – a report on anti-Semitism and the Jewish minority in Malmö’s preschools, schools, upper secondary schools and adult education 

Expo 2021-04-01 (interview with Mirjam Katzin on the report above): The majority of online hate in Malmö affects minorities


Report from BRÅ 2021-03-31: Islamophobic hate crimes

On Islamophobia and hate crimes: Islamophobia and hate crimes

Right-wing extremism on social media

Research from Malmö University 2021-03-10: Easily digestible right-wing extremism should attract new target groups online


Södertörn University 21-03-30: Roma studies become their own subject at Södertörn University – unique in Sweden



Map on Wikimedia of concentration and extermination camps in Europe: Map Holocaust | Wikimedia

Map from Wikimedia comparing the Jewish population in Europe’s countries before and after the Holocaust: Holocaust death toll | Wikimedia

Holocaust | SO Room

Series of articles on Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust | SO Room

The Jew persecutions and the Holocaust | SO Room

Judaism and anti-Semitism

Judaism | SO Room

Anti-Semitism – meaning and definition | history

Easy-to-read facts about anti-Semitism from the Forum for Living History:


Eternal Echoes (SKMA): Nazi ideology | Totalitarianism

Study from the Swedish Defence Research Institute, FOI from 06-10-20: Many anti-Semitic stereotypes in social media

SKMA: ABOUT ANTI-SEMITISM – causes, developments and motives

SKMA: What is anti-Semitism? (Writing from 2009)

Minorities in Sweden

Website about Sweden’s national minorities created by the Sami parliament, on behalf of the government: National minorities

Sweden’s national minorities | The identity and relationships of individuals and groups | SO Room

Roma and anti-Gypsyism

Fact site produced by Austrian Erinnern working on the Holocaust. Fact texts, images, biographies and suggestions on how to plan and conduct lessons: Roma during the Holocaust

The history of the Roma | Indigenous peoples and minorities | SO Room

Anti-Gypsyism | SO Room

Sources on the theme of freedom of expression

About the Dawit Isaak Library: Dawit Isaak Library – Sweden’s first library for freedom of expression

Reporters Without Borders: Statistics, news and reports on press freedom

Racism and racial biology

Series of articles on Swedish racial biology | SO Room

Racism and xenophobia | The identity and relationships of individuals and groups | SO Room


Nobel Prize Museum: Freedom of speech – where does the line go?

Amnesty A-Day on tour autumn 2021: Make an expression of interest

The non-profit association Amanah in Malmö: Amanah is based on a partnership between a rabbi and an imam who meets schoolchildren and university students, but also institutions and organizations in the synagogue, mosque or in schools and digital platforms. The rabbi and imam are both teachers and mentors for those they meet. More information: Amanah – For Judeo-Muslim trust and tradition

House of Peace: Workshops on Intolerance and Racism

Workshop on the theme of national minorities, identity and racism



Fading stories – pass them on. Holocaust survivors’ testimonies portrayed by photographer and author Sanna Sjöswärd. Exhibitions – Fredens Hus Malmö Art Gallery about Roma Multicultural centre. Exhibition for autumn, about genocide

Malmö Art Gallery: Ceija Stojka – one of the first Roma artists to depict the Holocaust

Malmö Museums: On 5 June 2021, “We and Them – an Exhibition on Hate Crimes” opens at Malmö Museums. Why do hate crimes hit harder? Why aren’t more hate crimes reported? What are the police doing? What can you do?—en-utstallning-om-hatbrott.html

Konsthallen educates 9s about the Holocaust


Hanna Lara Rajs reads “Hanna Rajs” and “Pray and Be” on Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021 at Malmö Synagogue


Wahlström Publishing House

The Boy in Striped Pajamas – John Boyne

The Boy on the Top of the Mountain by John Boyne

The Story of Leon – Schindler’s Youngest Worker – Leon Leyson

Word front publishers

Laser Man – Gellert Tamas

Bonnier publishers

Selma Stories, Bonnier publishers: 18 books that keep Holocaust remembrance alive

Jason Timbuktu Diakité – A Drop of Midnight – Book Circle Questions

Siduri Poli – How to succeed in a white world – Siduri Poli

and more books the book list in the PDF


Returning to Life – Dina &amp Jovan Rajs

Questions I’ve been asked about the Holocaust – Hédi Fried

Katitzi Z-1234 – Katarina Taikon

I was the one who was going to die – Natalie Verständig Axelius

And You Didn’t Come Back – Marceline Loredan Ivens

Swedish hate – Gellert Tamas

Discount code: State Young Voices for Tolerance


Holocaust and anti-Semitism:

Pendulum – Julie Lindahl
A kilo of sugar – Helena Trus
What your eyes saw Snezana Bozinovska
We who survived – Michael Bornstein & Debbie Holinstat Bornstein
Book thief Marcus Zusak
The boy in striped Pajamas – John Boyne

Nina’s Journey – Lena Einhorn

Human crimes, exclusion, persecution and honour structures:

Those of us who fled Malala Yousafzai
Starless Nights, Blood Redder Than Red, Beyond the Sun’s Rays – Arkan Asaad
I Stay to the End Fatemeh Khavari
The Gentlemen Put Us Here – Elin Anna Labba
Who Has Said Anything About Love Elaf Ali