Trust, Agency, Responsibility

Empowering young voices

Mobile Stories offers a production and publishing tool that educates young people in media and information literacy, and improves their skills as producers in the digital media landscape.

  • Authentic audience beyond the classroom

  • Active work with digital source criticism

  • Real-life journalists give their best tips to students

  • Simplifies cross curriculum learning and collaboration with the school library

  • Works on all devices

  • Makes learning more engaging!

A production and publishing tool

Mobile Stories tool helps your students to work with journalistic methods and ethic guidelines. After editorial approval, students’ articles are published on an open platform,

By becoming producers, students deepen their subject knowledge, sharpen their communication skills, as well as their ability to evaluate, discuss and peer review sources. They also get short help texts, tips and reminders along the way – exactly where they need it to move forward in their process. The growing community of students using Mobile Stories is right now in the process of building a credible channel for young voices, with their well-researched articles. 

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“What Mobile Stories has added is a more active use of source criticism, it is a way to apply the knowledge I gained in school. The structure is clear, with boxes,  introductions and explanations.”

Alice Nylander

Former student, Strömstad gymnasium

“The work is based on the students’ own thoughts and they write in their own words. You are supported, not directed, throughout the process. The teachers also get support in their work with the students when it comes to all legislation and everything that goes into that.”

Martin Dalenius

Operations Manager, Strömstads municipality

“Publishing makes the student make more effort, which raises the quality of what they produce. The focus shifts from getting a certain grade to doing the best you can. If you are going to publish, it is not negotiable with sources, image rights, language, etc. It puts these issues in focus. ”

Johan Sköld

Swedish teacher, Forshagaakademin

“When I used Mobile Stories, I learned how an article is structured. I learned that it is important to have sources and that you have your own photos so that you do not take someone else’s. I found it easier to build an article when you had the help of different boxes to choose from. If there was something I did not know, I took the help of the question mark. There I also found out if anything was missing. “


Student, Älvdalens utbildningscentrum

“The best thing about Mobile Stories is that the tool helps to engage the students and it makes the school work feel real to them. They were supposed do a regular task in groups but with Mobile Stories it became something fun instead. I was very surprised when some students succeed considerably better with an assignment like this than with a regular task. It is quite rewarding for the students´ to be able to share their school work with others.”

Cecilia Lind

Teacher, Montessoriskolan Elyseum, Gothenburg