About Mobile Stories

We, who founded the company Mobile Stories are called Lotta Bergseth and Jenny Sköld. We are journalists and both have extensive experience from various newsrooms in Sweden.

Digitization has brought with it sweeping changes in how we communicate and absorb information. Today, most of us, and young people in particular, are not only consumers but, to a large extent, producers of online content themselves. This means that everyone needs the knowledge that has traditionally been the journalists’ area of expertise. Through our production and publishing tool, we want to share this knowledge and these skills with young people in junior high and high school.

We want to encourage young people to create credible and elaborate material that describes their reality, dreams and ideas because our society needs their voices. At the same time, our tool can support schools to work more actively with digital source criticism, meet the curriculum requirements regarding digital competence and source criticism, and make teaching engaging and relevant for students.

Through the non-profit association Voice4you, we have been working since 2019 to reach new student groups in different parts of Sweden with our tool. For this purpose, the association Voice4you, as the first Swedish initiative, has received funds from Google.org, which is Google’s global charity organization.


Today we also work in a European consortium within a project supported by EU, Creative Europe, to try Mobile Stories solution in more countries.

We are also part of the Reach for Changes alumni network for organizations that make life better for children and young people. 

Lotta Bergseth and Jenny Sköld started Mobile Stories in 2015. Photo: Andrea Forssberg